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March 16, 2024


I want to share my experience with Caro’s Office regarding my visa application struggles. A few years ago, I was arrested outside a bar,, and spent the night in jail, but faced no charges or convictions. Thinking it was behind me, I focused on my career, opened a company and employed over 10 people. However, when I tried to attend a conference and meet with a new customer, I was denied a business visa at the consulate without explanation.

I spoke to a couple of lawyers however, after speaking to Caro, I felt that she was able to answer my questions fully and had experience working on similar cases. She explained that my past arrest triggered something at the consulate, and she explained why a non-immigrant waiver would be required, the process involved for the waiver, and how long it would take to be processed etc.. I re-applied for the Business visa at the embassy so I could attend the convention and meet with a prospective customer to negotiate a contract with. I went up to the consulate. I had been prepped by Caro what to expect what documents to take, why the officer would ask the questions he did and again the officer refused to take the waiver and denied my B1, Business visa.

As a CEO of a successful company never arrested this was unbelievable to me. Caro was adamant that we needed to fight this. Without the waiver approved I would not be permitted into the States and my company’s growth required I be permitted into the United States. We filed another business visa and waiver petition. I went up to the consulate and the officer again denied my B1 visa and thus refused to take my waiver case. Caro suggested to try a different consulate where she thought the waiver might be accepted based on where other clients were getting their waivers accepted by the consulate officer. We applied again, this time with the London Consulate. la.

This time the London consular officer after asking me questions took my waiver and the waiver was recommenced by the officer to the administrative review office (ARO). After several months, I received a visa from the consulate stating that my waiver was approved. This process took nearly 2 years. It was a fight to get the Business visa and I would never have been able to get visa had it not been Caro insisting that I fight for this and coming up with solutions only an experienced immigration attorney would know. I cannot thank her enough