attorney-caro-kinsellaAbout Attorney Caro

Caro Kinsella is a seasoned U.S. Immigration and nationality law attorney. Born and raised in Limerick, Ireland, Caro is a fully licensed US Immigration attorney educated in Ireland and the US. The Law Offices of Caro Kinsella is a boutique style law firm, driven by Caro’s passion for providing targeted and individualized legal services to each client. For many years Caro has specialized exclusively in US Immigration law, she’s put in the work and gained the experience, expertise, and knowledge needed to assist her clients. Regularly featured as an immigration expert for News media outlets such as RTE News, The Washington Times, TV3 News, The Irish Times, The Journal.ie, and the Irish Independent to name a few, Caro is internationally renowned. Contact Caro; she will personally assist you with your US Immigration matter.

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