US Immigration Dublin Denied Visa

What If my Case Is Denied?

Visa Denied? You still have options!

  • Did the US Consulate deny a visa that US Immigration or USCIS approved?
  • Issued with a Visa Refusal and looking for your options?
  • Did you have a visa denied under section 221(g) or 214(b)?
  • Were you told that you need an ineligibility waiver?
  • Was your B1 or B2 visa rejected at the US Consulate?
  • Wondering how many days you should wait before reapplying for your visa?

US visa denied Dublin Consulate

Working together.

  • We specialize in I-212 waiver drafting
  • Expert US Immigration assistance
  • US Admission assistance for those who have been told they are inadmissible.
  • Options for Green card refusals, denial and reapplication
  • Assistance for dependents (spouse and children) and work authorization assistance.