US Consulate & Embassy Matters

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Visa Denied @ the Consulate?

Don’t settle for a bad decision.
Get professionals assistance.
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Past Arrest or Conviction & US Immigration

Do you have a DUI? Were you arrested in the past? Convicted of a crime?
We can help.
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Overstayed? Deported? Expedited Removal?

Did you work in the USA illegally? Overstay your visa? Wondering if you can get back into the USA?
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K-1 Fiancée & K-3 Spouse Visas

Professional assistance with NVC and/or the US Consulate
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Family Petitions @ the US Consulate

Getting a green card for family members while you are OUTSIDE of the US.
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Other US Consulate & Embassy Matters

Congress imposed harsh restrictions on the re-entry of foreign nationals who have been previously ordered removed with passage of the Illegal Immigration Reform and the Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRAIRA).
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