Tips for lodging E Visa Applications

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E-1 and E-2 Visas at the US Consulate

Tips for lodging E Visa Applications at the US Embassy in Dublin, London and abroad!

  • Check the Dublin US embassy’s website often throughout your case preparation process.
      Keep in mind that procedures, required documentation and forms and formats can change without notice.
  • Follow the instructions carefully ensuring the required format for the presentation of the E visa supporting documentation is followed carefully.
  • Remember each consulate has different rules, filing your E visa at the London consulate will have different rules than those of the Dublin, Ireland consulate.
  • If a business plan is included with the application, read it and ensure it makes good business sense.
  • Provide an e-mail address on the DS-156E so that the E visa unit can contact you with any issues they might have.
  • Do not push the E visa unit to expedite cases unless there are extraordinary circumstances. Most likely, the E visa processing unit will not expedite your visa petition; and dealing with expedite requests takes time away from adjudications.
  • If filing your E visa in London, make sure your initial application is able to demonstrate strong ties to the United Kingdom and an intent to return. British applicants must make sure they are able to demonstrate a U.K. domicile (which may be different than the U.K. tax domicile).
  • Make sure you are well-versed on the finances, investment, and operations of the business. If you are not a senior member of the business, be sure to have contact information for a senior employee in the company handy so they can answer detailed questions about the company when asked.
  • Deal with shortcomings in your application and explain them. The treaty officer will not ignore them and neither should you!
  • Seek advice and assistance from an attorney who specializes in filing E visa petitions and follow the guidance of your attorney closely.

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