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Green Card Petition

Caro, I just want to thank again all of you for everything! It’s here my final and most wanted green card I got it on Monday March 2nd 2015! Now I’m officially permanent resident thanks to you! Thank you again! .

Walter Cole – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Walter Cole

US Citizenship Automatic Acquisition

My mom was a US citizen, I was born in New York but I spent most my life in Cork. I did lots of reading online and thought that I couldn’t get my kids a US Passport since I been in Ireland so long. Just a few minutes on the phone with Caro and I learned how wrong I was. Thank you so much Caro, my boys all got US passports now! I’m sending my brother to you as well so his lot can get sorted too. Thanks again Caro, words cannot describe I’m so happy!

Mary O’Sullivan – Cork,Ireland

Mary O’Sullivan

E-2 Treaty Investor Visa

Caro we cannot thank-you enough for all your help, you put so much work into our E-2 visa petition that you left the officer nothing to ask us!

We just handed him our documents, then he looked at the computer screen and said “Oh I can see that most of the work is already done here”. Then he just read through our file, name of company, etc etc and I just confirmed “yes, yes”.

Then he said, ” I see you have a substantial investment, then looked at the screen again and said ” wow that’s a substantial investment”

He then became rather amused while reading about the reptile rescue and read from screen, I see you’ll be in the Miami, Orlando, Daytona etc areas , yep all the areas where people are willing to spend money to have reptiles removed from their pools”

He stated that we had over 7 years experience running our own business in Ireland and I replied “10 years” he said “wow”. He noted that Fran had a LOT of experience with plumbing & water and we just nodded.

He asked if our intended employee was going to be employed on a part-time basis and If he was an American citizen and we just replied “yes”.

Then he said “I’m going to grant you a 36 month visa because I have a really good feeling about this business and your going to need that time to get set up and going. The interview was over in less than 2 minutes and was so easy.

Thank you and your staff for getting us our visa, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Fran, Maria and Rebecca– Dublin, Ireland

Fran, Maria and Rebecca