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Hi,My name is Alan and


My name is Alan and im currently writing my review of Ms. Caro Kinsella & her team from Lubbock, Texas. Im originally from Dublin,Ireland,so as you can assume i made it here completely legal and safe all thanks to Ms. Caro Kinsella and her amazing team. I first contacted Caro and was introduced to Rebekah,who was so amazingly helpful and reassured me all the time even though im sure i was beginning to be an annoyance. Don’t get me wrong it was a very long process and your always on edge of your seat until you can get your green card in your hand which i did yaaayyyy!!!!!

I heard of Ms. Caro Kinsella through a friend so i decided to put my faith in her ability’s which by the way was the smartest move i made as i had contacted other lawyers who were obnoxious and clearly didn’t care about there clients. I won’t go in detail about my case as it would take a long time to read but i promise you even throughout all the stress and money that you spend this is a lawyer who will work her ass off for you and will be extremely honest with you no matter what and her team are beyond amazing.

It is because of Caro and Rebekah that now i can spend my life with my wife,step daughter and son,be there to see my kids grow. Not to mention that i do not have to worry anymore and believe me i will always use her firm!

Thank you so much Caro & Rebekah,i have no idea where i would be without you two!

Warmest Regards,
Alan Cummins

Alan Cummins

I got it! (B1 Visa Approval)

I got it!!!!! I got it!!!! I got it!!!! I got it!!!! I got it!!!!! I got it!!!! I got it!!! I got it!!!! I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For 10 years!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you sooooooo much!!!!
You are the best!!!!!
And I will recommend you big time to everyone!!!!!!!

Niamh K.

O-1 Extraordinary Ability Request for Evidence Response

Thank you, Caro. You are the best! I appreciate you from the beginning knowing you are very knowledgeable and dedicated to my case. I was nervous when I got the RFE from Immigration, but though it all you made me feel at ease. Thanks again!

Shannon M. – Dublin, Ireland

Shannon M.

Green Card Petition with Past Fraudulent Marriage Allegations Due to Age Difference

My experience with my Attorney Caro Kinsella and her more than outstanding team of staff was without fault.

Every step of my process was conducted with the utmost expertise and professionalism.

My case was dealt with care and complete efficiency and the utmost attention given to every detail necessary to make my Green card application a success.

I would never hesitate to recommend Caro Kinsella and her team and would certainly use her services again should the occasion arise.

Thank you,

Lisa Johnson– Miami, Florida

Lisa Johnson

Green Card Abandonment Case

As a green card holder for twenty years I made the mistake of staying out of the US for over two years due to circumstance. I was not aware at the time that there were petitions you could file if planning on staying out for over a year so when the time came for me to start planning my return I knew I needed to enlist the help of an immigration lawyer. Caro Kinsella was recommended though a friend in Ireland and after mailing here she informed me that she was gong to be in Ireland for a conference and that we should meet up.

Once I explained my case to her and gave her what relevant paperwork and other info she needed it became clear that I may have a tough fight ahead of me because as far as USCIS are concerned I abandoned my green card by staying out of the USCIS for over two years. I was also hoping to return in quite a short period time after we met so things needed to move fast.

I pulled all the info she requested – affidavits, references etc and she built a case for me which I presented to immigration upon returning to the US. They deferred me for an interview with an immigration officer in San Francisco and after reviewing my case he was convinced that I had good reasons for not returning to the US during the time in question. He told me that I had put a good case together and was impressed with the memo that had been drawn up by Caro.

I would like to also just say that this all happened during the holiday season and there were a couple of times that I needed to speak with someone in the office even though they were closed for Christmas and the New Year. Caro took my calls despite being on vacation and was helpful in advising me how to next proceed with them.

I just received my new green card and apart from learning a valuable lesson I have no doubt that I would not be in this position had it not been for the assistance from Caro. I now that all cases don’t end up with an outcome like mine. I’m glad I enlisted the help I did.

Freddie Kirk– Dublin, Ireland

Freddie Kirk