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Green Card Approval

I filed my own petition for a green card because my friend had done something similarly years ago and it was successful and he helped me file my case.  US Immigration sent me a request for further evidence (RFE) that was several pages long with a deadline to respond.  I had talked to Caro before I decided to file the green card so I figured I’d reach out to her again. I also spoke to my friend who tried to help me prepare the documents and understand what the RFE meant but it was too difficult. After speaking with Caro again she explained to me what I did wrong and agreed to help with the RFE.   Caro explained to me what documents I needed to provide. When I was confused as to what the RFE was requesting Caro guided me.  As soon as Caro finished my RFE and sent me a copy of her legal argument I knew I chose the correct attorney.  She argued my case so well that US immigration approved my case.  We are now preparing documents to file with National visa Center and I cannot say thank you enough that I will have an opportunity to travel to the USA on a green card and my child will also be able to get their green card also

sukhwinder Singh

Green Card Approved

We just want to thank attorney Caro, Rebekah, and all the team at attorney Caro’s
Law offices, for all your help in securing a Green card for our Daughter
The attention to detail, and the fact that the final stages of the case were conducted in the strange times that the world finds itself in, is a testament to the Professionalism of everyone at your offices.

Yours Sincerely
Sean O Leary

Sean O Leary


Caro, You are simply amazing! I started with Caro back in 2015. Originally my petition was a marriage based Green Card application.
Not too long after that, it turned into an application for VAWA. My name Is Cody Champion. We successfully submitted, and got an approval for my Vawa. As of today JUNE 04 2020, I am a permanent resident. Everything has been approved. I could have never done this without the hard work and dedication of this law firm. I personally have spoken with Patrick, Rebekah and Caro, and I am ever so grateful.
This never would have been possible, had I not chosen the BEST immigration law firm that I know of.
Moving forward, I will recommend anyone and everyone to this office!!!

The support and dedication I have received, truly has blown my mind.

Cody Champion

Cody Champion

CASE STUDY: Blanket L Visa Denial At Dublin Consulate, Approval Process

From the Desk of Attorney Caro Kinsella

US Visa Denial in DublinOne of the notable adjudicatory trends our Law Office has noticed under L-1 intracompany transferee status (L-1A/L-1B, Specialized Knowledge/Blanket L) over the past two years seems to follow the implementation of President Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American”  executive order (which was signed on April 18, 2017).

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), has sated the executive order, “seeks to create higher wages and employment rate for U.S. workers and to protect their economic interests by rigorously enforcing and administering our immigration laws … “

Under L-1 intracompany transferee status (L-1A/L-1B, Specialized knowledge/Blanket L); USCIS has increased their onsite visits for L-1B workers and have the authority to deny applications and petitions without first issuing a request for further evidence (RFE) or a notice of intent to deny (NOID).

Under the U.S. Department of State (DOS), consular officers are stringently adjudicating L visa cases with high denial rates; this trend is global and especially evident in the London and Dublin Embassy as many clients call our office looking for assistance after having their petitions denied.

The following scenario is happening at an alarming rate as we are witnessing in our law firm due to increased calls from people looking for our legal expertise to resolve their case issues.

Common Scenario: The L-1 application has been approved by USCIS and when the person goes to the consulate for the L-1 visa to be issued into their passport, the consular officer denies their L visa and thus the person is not permitted to seek entry into the USA under their L visa status.


A client had his Blanket L-1B, specialized knowledge petition approved by USCIS.  At his consulate interview in the Dublin consulate, his L-1B visa was denied.  Granted he was admittedly unprepared for the interview questions from the consular officer, his whole world was now in turmoil as he assumed the consulate interview was a simple formality to have the visa issued at the consulate in Dublin.

After speaking to the client at length to fully understand his case and reasons for the denial we agreed to retain him as his legal counsel, as we were not the attorneys who had initially filed the Blanket L-1B, specialized knowledge. We had to re-strategize and review his case and decided his L-1B case was weak in areas, and so advised against returning to the consulate for another interview.

Instead, we put together a specialized business visa that permitted him to perform not only services but also productive work temporarily in the US.  Based on his duties and position both in the foreign and US Company this visa was more suited to his needs. All his documents were reviewed, we drafted a legal argument and most importantly prepped our client for an hour for his upcoming embassy/consulate interview in Dublin (all our clients are prepped before interviews and when dealing with Custom and Border Patrol officers (CBP)).  The majority of the topics we discussed during the prep session were brought up at our client’s consular interview, he was thus prepared and his new visa was approved by the consular officer; and he was permitted to enter the US to perform essential duties.


Not only does the Executive Order “Buy American, Hire American” make adjudications under US Immigration law more stringent and demanding.  Clients must understand their cases fully and be fully prepped by an attorney dealing in only U.S. Immigration matters to underpin their success rate. If you need assistance with a similar issue be sure to contact my office and speak with me about your specific options.


– Caro Kinsella, US Immigration Attorney

B2 Visa Application

Huge thanks to Caro, Rebekah and all the team for their hard work and diligence on my case. I am so incredibly relieved and so grateful for your invaluable assistance and for preparing the B2 Visa and Visa Waiver applications and letters of support for me.

I followed Atty Caro’s advice very carefully and handled the interview exactly as she told me and it went exactly as we hoped it would.

With that in mind, I am so genuinely grateful to you for how you handled my case and prepped me!

It is a massive relief to be able to visit my daughter in the US once again, thank you for your help and professionalism.

Robin J Hurt, Wexford, Ireland

Robin James Hurt