Green Card Approval

I filed my own petition for a green card because my friend had done something similarly years ago and it was successful and he helped me file my case.  US Immigration sent me a request for further evidence (RFE) that was several pages long with a deadline to respond.  I had talked to Caro before I decided to file the green card so I figured I’d reach out to her again. I also spoke to my friend who tried to help me prepare the documents and understand what the RFE meant but it was too difficult. After speaking with Caro again she explained to me what I did wrong and agreed to help with the RFE.   Caro explained to me what documents I needed to provide. When I was confused as to what the RFE was requesting Caro guided me.  As soon as Caro finished my RFE and sent me a copy of her legal argument I knew I chose the correct attorney.  She argued my case so well that US immigration approved my case.  We are now preparing documents to file with National visa Center and I cannot say thank you enough that I will have an opportunity to travel to the USA on a green card and my child will also be able to get their green card also