My ESTA was denied at the Dublin airport the officer told me I was coming into work which was not true, but he would not let me board my flight to New York. After speaking with Caro she felt it was best to proceed with a tourist visa and that a waiver was not necessary even though another lawyer had told me I did need a waiver. Caro sent me a list of documents I needed and reviewed all and gave me a very detailed prep session before the interview so I felt confident. The prep helped me greatly as I had never been to an embassy before and could not believe the numbers of people I saw being denied before me. Caro also wrote a legal argument that the embassy officer reviewed. My visa was approved and Caro explained that gives me greater flexibility than the ESTA. Caro also prepped me on what to expect at the airport and the types of questions the officers may ask and what documents to bring so no future misunderstandings occur! THANK YOU SO MUCH CARO!!!!