E-2 Treaty Investor Visa

I had spoken to Caro a few years back, no other attorney know as much about the visa as she did. My husband and I had just moved home and the fees at the time we felt were too much to afford given the circumstances, so we went with another Immigration attorney who was close by and cheaper.

The other attorney filed an L visa for me and US Immigration came back asking for information sending the attorney a RFE “request for evidence” letter. The attorney addressed the letter, but the case was ultimately denied.
He then filed an appeal, but that was denied too.

My husband and college aged son were here with me everyone was already settled in the USA and we get this news. The attorney suggests that we now file the E visa (the same visa Caro had originally said we go with). So we filed the E visa, another RFE came and soon after another denial.(In hindsight Caro would have been cheaper as I spent nearly four times as much money than Caro quoted me for the visa, nearly lost my house, had to move the kids back home and still had no visa!)

Caro took over my case and it was hard to believe her as everything she told me was opposite of the what the other attorney told me. Caro understands the issues that come up at the consulate, everything she told me was how it went. She talked to me and prepared me for the consulate interview, we walked into the Dublin consulate and 30 minutes later we had an approved visa (FINALLY!).

Bernadette McCarthy – Dublin, Ireland