Moving to America: Step-by-Step

Belfast US Immigration Lawyer

The US Immigration process is filled with numerous procedures, strict eligibility and filing requirements as well as dense paperwork. The process of successfully securing a visa or green card in order to move from Ireland to the UK can be a difficult and overwhelming experience.

Are you moving to the USA but don’t know where to start? Maybe you are married to a US citizen and are thinking of applying for K-3 Visa or the an entrepreneur seeking to secure a B1 Business visa or an E-2 Visa in order to relocate or expand business in the US.

Frustrated people often contact our office after having started the US Immigration process only to find that the highly bureaucratic process quickly complicated matters and resulted in a number of delays, unintentional mistakes and eventual setbacks.

If you, a family member or an employee are seeking relocation to the US or to complete a short term visa application quickly as well as maximizing the chances for success, then your best working with our qualified, dedicated office under the guidance of our head lawyer, Caro Kinsella who limits her practice exclusively to US immigration law.

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