Grounds of inadmissibility

The grounds of inadmissibility are stated in 212(a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). These grounds of inadmissibility affect people seeking admission to the United States, those present in the United States without having been inspected and admitted, and those seeking adjustment of status (requesting a green card) or certain other benefits under the INA.

There are waivers and relief from inadmissibility; you may be eligible for these and we will discuss all the options available to you pertaining to your specific case.


*Our Office will discuss your case with you in detail to determine whether you could be charged with a  ground of inadmissibility.

    • Criminal and related grounds
    • Health-related grounds
    • National Security grounds
    • Public charge
    • Labor protection grounds
    • Misrepresentation, fraud, omission
    • Documentation requirements
    • Grounds releasing to military service in the US
    • Prior removals or unlawful presence in the United States
    • Miscellaneous grounds

Did you know that admitting to having committed the essential elements of a crime, including a regulatory offense, could deem you inadmissible?