How to Immigrate to USA from UK?

The United States of America is the second most desired and popular country in the immigrants coming from the United Kingdom as they see America as an origin and birthplace of the American dream, diversity and equal opportunities.

However, if you’re a British national and looking forward to seize the opportunity to immigrate to the United States of America on the basis of employment or investor visa, following are some of the Immigration options that might be available for you:-

  • Family member:-

There are several ways to answer your query related to “How to immigrate to USA from UK” and one of the easiest paths that you can think of is through your relative, close friend or any other family member who already resides in the USA.  Thus, if you want to apply for an immigrant visa and you are residing in the UK, then you need a US citizen to sponsor you and if you’re applying under the category of family visa category, then that person will be a family member of yours who is a US citizen.

  • Sponsored employment:-

On the other hand, if you are a British citizen and wanted to live and work in USA, on a long-term basis but you have no family-ties, then you have to apply for the green card and one of the main ways that can help you in obtaining a Green Card in the US is through sponsored employment and once you have chosen the path of employment then it is important for you to obtain a work visa in order to work legally.

  • Get a work visa:-

Another way that can help you in immigration from UK to the USA is to get a work visa without having a direct employee sponsor and the best way to become eligible for a work visa is through higher studies as having a masters or Ph.D. degree can improve your chances of staying in the US. To gain a work visa without sponsorship, you have to effectively prove your value to the US working community and you are also more likely to gain entry if your profession fits under the list of skills that are needed for fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

If you are a British Citizen and thinking of “Retiring to USA from UK” then an EB-5 program makes it possible for you to reside in the USA permanently. The EB-5 investor program is a clear road to gain a green card, and the option of EB-5 visa can benefit the situation of many retirees, especially those who are seeking to move to the US from the UK on a permanent basis. An EB-5 program doesn’t consider being a ‘retirement visa’ but it is the most suitable option for those who are thinking to move to the USA after retirement. This program is a real advantage to those who are thinking of selling their property in their own country and wants to move to the USA permanently after retirement.