Green Card Marriage Interviews – People Detained by ICE

US Consulate in Belfast


Following recent reports of Green Card applicants being detained at their interviews and the ACLU challenging the Trump administration’s pattern of separating married couples and families pursuing lawful immigration status Attorney Caro Kinsella commented on the recent trend

“I’ll never forget one day I went into the Oakland Park service center, I could hear wailing. The next thing I knew there was a couple coming through and the wife was screaming that her husband had been taken by ICE.

I thought these days were long behind us, but under the Trump administration, my office is receiving calls from people being taken from thier homes, being denied entry at airports, being taken while on the bus, ICE officers showing up at people’s homes to take them to detention centers.

We are receiving unprecedented numbers of people daily calling us with stories of being denied entry at airports or questioned for hours at airports leaving them shaken at what transpired.”

Now more than ever it’s important that you keep informed and listen to the advice of your US Immigration lawyer.