E-2 Visa London: EB-5 vs E-2 Visa

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EB5 Visa vs E2 Visa
US Visa Tips from the desk of US Immigration Attorney Caro Kinsella

US Investor Visa: EB-5 vs E-2

Over the years when consulting with Irish and British business owners, investors and entrepreneurs looking to emigrate to the USA. US Investor Visas like EB-5’s are often (mistakenly) believed to be the only option. Don’t overlook the E-2 Visa, this is a viable option for moving from London to the USA.

Before you start the process of moving your business to America you must understand the in’s and out’s of every US Visa option available to you.

Understand the short-term options for expanding your business as there are visas that permit you, for example, to perform productive work in the US before you make the big move to America. There are also investor visa options, that permit you to conduct certain business activities for several months while on trips to the USA before you actually emigrate.

EB-5 Pros and Cons:  Looking to run your own business in the US and obtain a green card? Filing an immigrant petition by alien entrepreneur (aka EB5) – depending on your circumstances, may or may not be the most viable option for you. There are many different requirements under the EB-5, such as job creation, a minimum investment amount of between $500,000 (if a targeted employment area) or $1,000,000 ($1M) in qualifying commercial areas. While the EB-5 does permit passive investment,  your investment money is not directly controlled by you and is invested in someone else’s commercial project, (for example a hotel, condo, office tower etc). Furthermore, the EB-5 project must employ a specific amount of US workers for a period of time before you are able to apply for the green card.

Moving from the UK or Ireland? Consider the E-2 First: Depending on the applicant and the specific conditions of their situation, the E-2 visa may be a more advantageous business move. The E-2 investor visa, for those who are eligible, could be more advisable.If you are an Irish citizen or a UK citizen then you are eligible for the E-2 investor visa currently, therefore it’s important to remember there is a lot involved in the E2 visa so before opening a new or existing US business make sure you know everything about the different business visa categories and investor options before you make the big move from Ireland or the UK.

Again, keep in mind, there are quicker/short-term visa options for getting you inside the US and productively working to ensure you do in fact want to live and work and emigrate to the United States before you make a significant investment in your US business.

Have questions about how to obtain an E-2 Visa from the London Embassy or Dublin Consulate? 

I will go over all of the US Visa options that are applicable to your specific business situation during our legal consultation. I will evaluate your case and advise you (and/or) your company on the best visa strategy for relocation from London to the US or expansion of your Irish business to the US market. If you are looking to emigrate and have an E-2 visa sorted for you, contact my office and request to speak with me personally.

Attorney Caro Kinsella