E3 Visa for Irish Citizens

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Irish E-3 Visa Status Update: On 28 November 2018 the US House of Representatives passed the ‘E3 Bill’ which would allow them to participate in the E3 Visa Programme.

Next Action Required: E3 Visa must pass the Senate.  

Quick Facts: If passed the E-3 Visa Bill would allow the excess visas not being used by Australian citizens to be used by Irish citizens. As it stands today, 10,500 E3 visas are allocated to Australian citizens yearly under the E3 visa system. Typically Australia uses roughly half of the total amount and under the proposed bill Irish Citizens would be eligible to apply for the surplus 5,000 E-3 visas.


The E-3 visa is for work in specialty occupations this visa has many advantages over the other types of working visas, including the ability for spouses (regardless of nationality) of E-3 visa recipients to apply for work authorization.

Who qualifies for the E-3 visa?

The E3 Visa is currently open only to Australian citizen applicants who are seeking to work in the United States entirely on a specialty occupation basis.

There is no age limit for the visa and the spouse and/or children of the main application need not be Australian citizens. (It is important to note that the U.S. does not recognize De Facto relationships or same-sex Civil Partnerships for the purposes of immigration, and to qualify as a spouse (including same-sex spouses) you must have a valid marriage certificate.)

I currently am a permanent resident of Australia but don’t yet have citizenship. Can I apply for E3 visa?

No. E-3 visas are only available for Australian citizens. If you are a new Australian citizen or are in the process of becoming one, please note that you will need to possess an Australian passport by the time of your visa interview.

Can I apply for the E-3 visa before I find a sponsor?

No. You must have a job offer from a US employer before you can apply for the E-3 visa. If you are unsure of the process for applying for the E3 speak with an attorney from our office.

Can I go to the U.S. to find a job and then apply for the E-3 visa from there?

No. You cannot apply for an E-3 visa from within the U.S.

Can I travel to the U.S. on the ESTA (Visa Waiver) to find a job or attend interviews and then apply for the E-3 visa once I return to Australia?

Yes, you can travel on the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)/ ESTA  if you meet the requirements.