E-2 Visa Duration

We are always asked how long will the E2 to be granted for. This really depends on a number of circumstances. For example, if you have a new US company then you will typically get less time than if you have an existing company; however many of our clients have new companies and because their supporting documentation is comprehensive, and they have met the E2 requirements they have been approved for the maximum period of time.

Existing companies (those who been trading for at least 12 months), will typically be granted up to five years at a US Consulate.

Are E2 Extensions permitted?

Yes, E2 extensions are permitted. If you are inside the US and do not wish to depart you can request an extension of E2 status with USCIS. If you are outside the US, you can request your extension of E2 status with a US Consulate abroad. E2 extensions can be requested almost indefinitely.

For personalized E-2 investor visa information or a tailormade visa strategy speak with our head attorney, Caro Kinsella.