Additional Information E-2 Visa Information: 

The Spouse and Children of the E-2 primary investor or trader

  1. Spouse and children can have any nationality. Therefore, if the spouse or children are from a country that is not E visa eligible, as long as the principal investor or trader is a national from an E Treaty country they are eligible.
  2. Spouse is permitted to receive unrestricted work authorization. They cannot work once they enter the US unless they have an approved work authorization. The spouse can either work for the E2 business, or any other company within the US without requiring a visa, they can even open up their own US company.
  3. Children of the E2 primary visa holder are permitted to go to school, to both attend and enroll. They are not permitted to work therefore they will not receive a Social Security number. Once a child turns 21 years of age they are no longer considered to be a child for immigration purposes and will no longer be part of the family E visa petition.  My child is over 21 what should I do? Our office works closely with families that have children at a certain age to ensure they either have their green card and or other nonimmigrant visa permitting them to remain inside the US once they turn 21 – planning ahead is key. Speak with our attorneys about innovative solutions for the entire family.
  4. Spouse and children have permission to travel unrestricted in and out of the USA.
  5. Spouse will be permitted to obtain a long-term drivers license.
  6. Spouse and children’s E status is valid, as long as the principal investor/trader maintains valid E status themselves. For example, if the principal investor has not filed extension of their E2 status on or before their current E2 expires and they are still inside the US, then the spouse also loses their permission to work inside the US.

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