US Consulate Denied My Visa, Now What?

Dublin Visa Denied Help

Is a visa denial the end of the road?

So you walked into the Dublin, London or maybe even the German Consulate thinking you would easily be granted a visa only to leave shortly after with a denial in your hand?  Didn’t prove enough home ties, 214(b)? The consulate officer asked for an I-212 or I-601 waiver? Maybe you were told that you need an NIV (nonimmigrant visa) waiver or a waiver of inadmissibility (sometimes called an inadmissibility waiver)?

Whatever the case may be you need help and you need it quickly! Without an approval, you won’t be admitted into the United States.

In most cases, a visa denial isn’t so much the end of the road as a call for action. While “googling” things may be a great way to find out about how to bake a great cake or knit an awesome sweater, US Immigration law is complex and situations like refused entry to USA from Ireland or UK,  call for professional help, otherwise you could be doing more harm than good. Further denials at the consulate only go against you.

Visa Denial Section Codes and Explanations

It’s important that you contact a solicitor (or US Immigration attorney) who is skilled in dealing with your specific situation and knows the in’s and out’s of the US Immigration system. If you filed a visa at the US Consulate in Dublin or any other US Consulate you could have been issued with one of the following denials. The list below shows the denials and reasons why the consulate may have denied you. If you feel this is in error and wish to fight for your rights contact our office today. Our visa experts are here to help you personally and will evaluate your case providing you with straightforward advice. We will fight for you and defend your rights.

  • Section 214(b) this means that the consulate officer feels that you have not demonstrated a sufficiently strong family, social and (or) economic ties to your place of residence or home country (Ireland). This section is sometimes called “home ties” and is used to ensure that your projected stay in the United States will be temporary in nature. Get the answer of ” how to overcome 214 b visa rejection” by an expert solicitor.
  • Section 214(B) The consular officer noted that you have not been able to sufficiently show or demonstrate that your stay in the United States is for temporary business or pleasure
  • Also, section 214(B) is used when the consulate officer feels that you have not been able to sufficiently demonstrate that you are eligible for the visa category for which you have applied.

Inadmissibility Grounds and Section Codes

  • 212(a)(1)(A)(i):  The consulate officer noted that you have a communicable disease of a certain public health significance.
  • 212(a)(1)(A)(iv): The consular officer feels that you are a drug abuser or an addict.
  • 212(a)(1)(A)(i)(l): The US consulate officer noted that you have committed a crime(s) involving moral turpitude
  • 212(a)(1)(A)(i)(ll): There is a violation or conspiracy to violate any laws or regulations relating to controlled substances on your record that the US consulate has taken note of.
  • 212(a)(2)(B): Your record shows multiple criminal convictions (when sentenced to confinement for five years or more)
  • 212(a)(2)(C)(i): Your record shows that you were engaged in controlled substance trafficking or activities related thereto
  • 212(a)(6))(C)(i): The consular officer feels that misrepresentation occurred while you were applying for a visa or entry to the US.
  • 212(a)(6)(E): Your record shows that you were engaged in alien smuggling

Overstayed Visa, Ordered Removed, Unlawfully Present  Section Codes

  • 212(a)(9)(A)(i): Alien removed at the port of entry
  • 212(a)(9)(A)(ii): Alien ordered removed other than at the port of entry
  • 212(a)(9)(B)(i): Alien unlawfully present for less than one year
  • 212(a)(9)(B)(ii): Alien unlawfully present for one year or more

Act Now. Get Professional Assistance. FAST!

So you’ve been denied, it’s not the end of the road. We are here to help you, contact us now.  We are skilled in all matters of US Immigration law and no matter what you’ve done (overstayed on a visa, committed a crime, stayed on in the USA past the 90 day Esta, worked in the US under the wrong visa or no visa, the list goes on) we are here to help guide you and provide you with the best visa advice for your specific situation. US Immigration visa laws and US green card laws can change without much notice. No matter the situation, contact our office and speak with a licensed US immigration attorney today.