Denied at Consulate


What if your Visa is denied at the U.S. Consulate

    What are your options?

  • We don’t settle for a bad decision if you have a good case and believe an error was made. We will either Re-apply, request to speak with a Supervisor at the consulate to discuss positive equities in your case, file a motion to reconsider/appeal or seek review within the consulate.
  • If the reviewing consular officer upholds the refusal and you remain convinced that an error has been committed, we will seek an advisory opinion directly from the Consular office that denied you.

Do I need a Waiver?

If your case was denied, certian grounds may call for a general waiver to be filed for…

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Why you need an attorney when dealing with the Department of State (DOS) – U.S. Consulates:

  • The Law Offices of Caro Kinsella work with all the U.S. Consulates throughout the world.
  • Immigration officers at the U.S Consulates have ‘non-reviewable discretion for this reason you need an experienced Immigration Attorney representing you at the U.S. consulates.
  • We will prepare your non-immigrant and immigrant petitions along with all necessary waivers, talk you through the entire process, you will have an in-depth consultation with the Attorney that will go through in detail what to expect at your interview at the U.S. Consulate.
  • We will help the client prepare for the interview, and fully brief him/her on the visa interview process so that the interview can be as effective as possible for both the client and the interviewing officer.
  • We Advise the client on the eligibility requirements of the visa for which he/she intends to apply, and alert him or her to the possibility of delay
  • We ensure that clients read and understand their visa application forms before coming to the interview. This is particularly critical if the applicant does not have a good command of the language used in the form.
  • We make sure the client fills out the visa application form carefully and accurately, answers all questions completely