Step-by-Step: How to Check Your US Immigration Case Status Online

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Step-by-Step: How to Check Your USCIS (US Immigration)  Case Status Online

Has it been a while since your case was filed and you are looking for a bit of piece of mind? If you have your USCIS form I-797C, Notice of Action you can use the information on this form to check your case status. Below we will tell you how to do that step-by-step.

Step One: Find your Receipt notice Number.

Typically this number starts with letter code MSC or EAC, however, your number could have a different starting letter code and that’s ok as long as you find the number. Below you will see a sample receipt notice which shows you where you can find your receipt number on the notice that USCIS mailed to you.

Dublin Consulate Denied

Step Two: “Check My Case Status Online”

Once you have found your receipt notice and confirmed your receipt number, you can then visit the following link; Check My Case Status Online (CLICK HERE), and using your receipt number, enter it into the box as shown below.

KEEP IN MIND!  The system is sometimes not 100% up-to-date depending on how busy USCIS currently is.


Step Three: View Your Results