Business & Tourism Visas

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B-1 Business Visa Overview:

The B-1 visa can be useful for temporary business travel to the United States. As an applicant, you have to ask yourself what is the purpose of your business trip? The Department of State (DOS) lists various permitted business activities – see the list below as guidance. Please be advised that just because the activity is listed by DOS does not mean you will be approved by the consular officer if you request this activity. When you go for your in-person consulate interview, depending on what business activity you have requested, you must be able to support your request for business purposes with evidence, consulate officers want to see you are telling the truth and credible. The officer will ask you questions about your intended business activities and you must be able to answer correctly the questions asked of you at your non-immigrant business visa interview.


What are our legal services for your visa application?

As knowledgeable US immigration attorneys, we will guide you and assist you with your business visa application to optimize your approval chances. No one should be going to a consulate without legal counsel. We are living in ever-changing times; immigration laws are strict, you do not have a right to a visa, and the preponderance of evidence legal standard means you must be able to show the consulate officer you qualify for the visa you are requesting before they will issue you with an approved visa. Remember the consular officer is there to process the visa and not offer you legal advice or help you obtain approval.

Services we provide:

  • After retaining our legal services for your B-1, business visa application wherever you are in the world, we will provide you with a detailed checklist for the support documentation required for your petition, there is no guesswork we will explain what we need from you.
  • We will review all of your support documents and provide you with legal guidance on them.
  • We will fully explain the legal standard for your visa and after you draft the requisite letters for your visa application our lawyers will review them.
  • The DS-160 application in which consular officers are required by law to review is filed with the consulate after you provide the answers and the attorneys fully review this form.
  • The attorney will finalize your case; draft a legal support letter, which argues the law why you qualify for your visa, you will present this legal letter at your interview arguing why you qualify for the business visa.
  • You will then have a mock-interview/prep session with our attorney before your in-person consulate interview. You will be given a detailed prep session by the attorney before your in-person consulate interview to understand the interview process, types of questions that the officer may ask you, go through each support document you will take to the interview, and have confidence for your upcoming interview, so you are fully prepared and understand the interview process.
  • You will also be prepped to understand the procedure at the border security (airport) with the CBP officer and the types of questions you may be asked here. *We are noticing instances whereby applicants assume because the visa has been approved by the consulate/embassy it is automatic they will be admitted into the US by US Customs & Border Protection (CBP) at the port of entry, for example at the airport, this may not be the case and in fact, CBP officer has the legal authority to deny your entry to the US and cancel your visa. Remember a visa is your permission only to seek entry to the US (it is like knocking on Immigration’s door); the admission stamp placed into your passport by CBP officer is your authorized permitted stay in the US and is controlling. All our clients are prepped to deal with immigration officials and why they are asking the questions they are asking and what evidence you should present when requested by them.

B-2 Tourist Visa:

  • For recreational activities incl. tourism, visiting friends/ relatives, medical/health reasons, fraternal/ social conventions, amateur arts/athletics.
  • Visa required, unless eligible for Visa Waiver.
  • Requires proof of non-immigrant intent, foreign residence with the intent to return, “ties” to your home country.
  • Consulate officers have non-reviewable discretion to deny a visa if doubts exist regarding immigrant intent.
  • Period of admission up to six months.
  • Can apply for Extension of status/change of status, unless admitted as VWP (visa waiver program).