Expert Level US Immigration Assistance

Our office exclusively practices US Immigration law and are the leading law firm in providing expert-level US Immigration assistance in Ireland and the UK.

We are a personalized full-service law firm providing specialized and distinctly targeted services for a variety of US Immigration issues. We are not a “one size fits all” law office. We address each case personally ensuring that the US Immigration rights of our clients are zealously defended and cases are intelligently crafted.

Whether you are a business person or investor in need of a visa, an individual who has been denied entry to the USA or received a Request for Evidence from US Immigration, someone who has had visas denied in the past or simply a US visa applicant in need guidance on how to move forward with your US immigration goals. We are here to help.

Our office provides a variety of services and tailor-made visa plans for:
Couples and Families, Companies and Organizations, as well as individuals who are seeking to emigrate to the USA.

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