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attorney-caro-kinsellaUS Immigration Attorney Caro Kinsella

Attorney Caro Kinsella is a seasoned U.S. Immigration and nationality law expert, internationally renown for successfully assisting her clients with a wide range of US immigration issues. Attorney Kinsella was born and raised in Limerick, Ireland. A University College Cork and London Metropolitan University alumnus, Caro has gone through the immigration process herself and is a dual Irish-America citizen.

Moving from her hometown of Limerick, to study in Cork, Caro embraced her deep rooted passion for law, particularly American immigration law and trying to help people get a US visa or green card. Caro’s education began at Scoil Íde along with her brothers and sisters where her teachers fostered her love for current affairs and writing. Caro was featured in the ‘Scoil Íde, Where are they now?’ In this prestigious, one-off feature, Caro spoke about how ‘emigrating to the States isn’t easy, therefore I decided to specialize in US Immigration Law, giving people the solid advice and guidance I wish I had when I first emigrated…I enjoy being able to help other Irish people and guide them in journeys to success here in the US.’ Caro feels it is her duty is to make sure each client knows their immigration rights and understands the laws applicable to their individual situations.  Caro leads a team of experienced legal experts, her knowledge of immigration law and passion for providing a personalized service for all clients fuels her firm’s success.

After completing her studies at University College Cork, Caro’s passion for legal studies brought her to London where she studied law before immigrating to Florida, learning more about the US Immigration system and then setting up a boutique law firm specializing in US visa and immigration law. Caro’s firm exclusively handles all areas of US visa and immigration law. By specializing in immigration law, Caro felt that she could offer a highly specialized and highly personalized service for what can be an extremely daunting experience.

Caro herself is now a dual citizen of both the US and Ireland, and Caro’s own personal experience means that she knows the current journey, and oftentimes struggle, that each and every one of her clients is on.

Caro now lives and practices out of Miami, Florida but is a regular visitor back to Limerick, Cork, and Galway to see her family and friends, she, like many of the Irish diaspora spread around the 50 states, has achieved her own slice of the American Dream.

Media Appearances and Journal Publications by Attorney Kinsella

Caro’s continued success has led to various media appearances. These appearances range from platforms such as TV3 in Ireland where Caro spoke about the issues surrounding the ‘undocumented’ Irish in the US following the 2016 Presidential Election in November 2016.

Caro spoke about how during his election campaign Trump had ‘spoke of revoking and terminating the US’s various sanctuary cities’. Previously within these sanctuary cities, law enforcement was ‘unable to make inquiries into a persons immigration status, and the person was not bound by law to tell them anything.’ Caro also spoke about the seriousness of Trump’s threats of mass deportation, during the first 100 days, starting with ‘any undocumented that have committed crimes.’ During the interview, Caro also spoke of how she believed these threats of mass deportation were only threats as under the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution people were entitled to ‘go before a judge to have their case heard.’
Caro also spoke of how some of the undocumented were ‘entitled to relief, for example, if they were married to a US Citizen.’

Speaking with RTE News on the 13th November, Caro felt that if mass deportations of undocumented, particularly those with criminal records, do begin they would happen very quickly, perhaps overnight, ‘particularly if the person has no relief or they are guilty of a particular crime.’ As Caro mentioned on TV3, the person is afforded various rights under the constitution such as the right to an attorney but the process can still be accelerated, particularly if Trump keeps his promise to ‘treble the number of deportees’. Caro’s advice was to ‘know your rights’, and or at the very least carry a card saying ‘I am not going to speak to anyone or sign anything until I first speak to an attorney.’

In an interview with the Irish Independent, 24th of January 2017, Caro spoke of her fear that President Trump would want to show ‘shock and awe’ in the first days of his presidency, ‘when the executive order is signed the deportations are going to be at a rate that is mind-blowing’. Caro believes that immigration authorities have already compiled lists of illegals and are ‘ready to go’ for when Trump signs the executive order.
Speaking to the Irish Independents’ Shane Phelan, Caro spoke of her trepidation regarding Trump’s pledge to ‘kick out’ foreign criminals. ‘It is very worrying when he says criminal because he hasn’t defined it. Are we talking about a guy that had a DUI 10 years ago? If you are a green-card holder and you have committed a shoplifting offense, then that crime can actually have you deported from the US. So crimes that are technically innocuous, can have severe consequences, even if you are legal in the US.’
Caro also spoke of how the J1 program, an Irish rite of passage of sorts, may face a stay of execution, ‘Down the line, the J1 program is in jeopardy. But I don’t think it is a high priority yet. He wants to do all these other things – mass deportations, building his wall and trying to renegotiate NAFTA. I think he will do those things first before he comes to the J1 program.’