Humanitarian Parole


I-602: Application by refugee for waiver of grounds of excludability or I-131: Application for travel document

    Humanitarian Parole is used either:

  • if outside the U.S. and you wish to enter the U.S. for medical reasons or for reasons related to judicial proceedings
  • The regulations further allow for a waiver “for humanitarian purposes, to assure family unity, or when it is in the public’s interest”.
  • Humanitarian parole enables an otherwise inadmissible individual to enter the United States temporarily due to urgent humanitarian reasons. Parole is not intended to be used to avoid regular visa-issuing procedures or to bypass immigration procedures. Parole does not confer any permanent immigration status, but does enable a recipient to apply for and receive employment authorization.
  • Humanitarian parole is typically granted for the duration of the emergency or compelling situation at issue. Anyone granted humanitarian parole must depart the United States prior to its expiration date or risk being placed in removal proceedings. An individual paroled into the United States, however, may request that a period of humanitarian parole be extended.
  • Anyone may file an application for humanitarian parole, including the prospective parolee, a sponsoring relative, an attorney, or any other interested individual or organization.